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Entrevista a PlayWinxClub sobre la app Alfea Butterflix Adventures -en ingles-

1-Why inspired you in create Winx Club Alfea Butterflix Adventures App?In the Winx Club Videogame of 2004?
 We felt that the Winx fans deserved to be able to explore Alfea in full 3D 3rd person mode. We knew the videogame of 2004 was very popular and we were inspired to take that idea and make it happen for mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones. We are really happy with the result in terms of gameplay and graphical style. However, we knew it is hard to have Nintendo DS like controls on a mobile device so we are waiting to hear what the fans think about that!
Tsumanga is a small studio, and we have only focussed on Winx over the last 3 years. It's important for our Winx to meet the needs of the fans - we want to build games that can be played for many months and have a feeling of quality.

 2-How long did you work in Winx Club Alfea Butterflix Adventures App?
 We worked on the APP development for around 12 months with a team of 12 people Full-time!

 3-Can you tell me why the Winx didn´t wear the Fairy College clothes from the seventh season in the app ?
 There are Season 7 outfits - Time Traveller and Park outfits. However the default outfit is the Season 6 school with new Season 7 School coming soon

 4-What is the objective of the app? The objective is to collect all Keys hidden in Alfea, keep your population growing, battle Brafilus to keep his wild magic from coming into the school and collect all trading cards possible!

 5-Why you put the trading cards in the app?
 We added Trading Cards - to give the game more depth, and we know that Trading Cards are popular. So discovering all of the cards is a fun way to play the game

 6-How you unlock the teachers and characters in the app?
 You need to collect the CARD of the Teacher and then at certain population levels the Teachers will begin to appear around the school.

 7-How you unlock all the Winx in the app?
 You need to collect keys, build the population and collect gems to unlock the Winx. Each fairy has a different amount of each - thus making the game more challenging

 8-How you unlock Butterflix transformation in the app?
 You need to collect all Winx fairies before you Transform in the Boss level.

 9-How you increase your population of students in the app?
 By collecting gems, keys and destroying Brafilius.

 10-Will we see more clothes of the seventh season in the next updates?and from other seasons?
 Yes more and more outfits to come soon!

 11-Why Brafilius is the Boss of the app? because I think that Kalshara will be better than Brafilius
 We didn't' have enough time to include Kaishara - we plan on adding her later to the game.

 12-Can you take photos or videos of the app?
 Yes we love for User Generate Content of the Game to be made, as it helps all Winx Fans know about the game. The more games that we sell means we can continue to re-invest in the games and make them better and better.

 13-How many plattforms will be avalible the app?
 At the moment only Google and Apple.

 14-Why the app didn´t have lite version?
 We will release a LITE version on Apple at the some point the future. A LITE version on Google is more of a problem due to PRIACY. Piracy is a huge problem for Tsumanga, as we invest in the Winx games for the fans, if the fans like the games then they are happy pay, it is great for everyone. However, Cracking of the LITE version just means we lose money and therefore we can't reinvest into the Winx games or make new ones, because we are not receiving any income due to Piracy. We are only a very small company and every penny received goes into pay for staff (Malik, Gary, Jonny, Heather, Spencer, Catherine and Graeme), office space and software and that's about it.

 15-Do you enjoy do Winx apps?
 Yes we love it - we have been working for 3 years on Winx, we love working with Rainbow they are great bunch of people to work with! Of course they are very cool too being from Italy

 16-What do you think of the opinion of the Winx Fans and Winx Bloggers?
 We love to hear good or bad from the Bloggers and Fans - we really want to boost our social media presence this year and next. So any the Bloggers and Fans can do to help would be very much appreciated. Ideas such as Let's Play videos, Walk Throughs, Discussions about Secrets and General How To's would be amazing!

 17-How many teachers can unlock in the app?
 There are around 10 NPC's in the game. 

18-Will Tynix and Fairy Animals appear in future updates? Yes. ;-)

 19-How you control the Winx in the app?
 The game is using a joystick pad on the left and a interaction (360 view) and jump on the right. All of these are controlled by the users thumbs ;-)

 20-What are the keys in the app?and the gemlins?
 You need to destroy the Gemlins because they EAT your gems. The more GEMS eaten the more Wild Magic comes into Alfea - and that is BAD!

 21-Will Kalshara appear in next updates?
 Yes that is the plan.

 22-What will be in the next update? We have 2 updates coming - We are adding new Outfits and Classrooms for Oct, and then brand NEW level for Xmas holidays - more on that later

23-Can you describe the experience of play the app?
 The BEST Winx club game ever made for MOBILE ;-)

 24-What do you think of Winx Club Alfea Butterflix Adventures App?
 We have loved making it, we have seen some great reaction from the fans and we are happy so far with the result!

 25-How many hours can you pass with the app for now?
The idea is that you can play the forever ;-)

 26-Will the app have multiplayer mode or events? We would like to create a global market place to TRADE Trading card with each other ;-)

Thanks to PlayWinxClub for this wonderful interview.

Gracias a PlayWinxClub por esta maravillosa entrevista.
Recuerda que la app ya esta disponible para dispositivos con iOS y GooglePlay.


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